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Interview with Stephanie Kluke



1.       Tell me a little bit about yourself and your partner Stephen Cullen. Describe to me briefly about your backgrounds, education or skills.

Stephen Cullen has been a friend for many years. He recently retired from a career in international banking and was looking for an entrepreneurial venture to fill his time. I’m an avid traveler and spa client and was struck by the lack of vision in the tanning industry. In my research I identified a perfect opportunity to marry tanning and aesthetics in a unique spa venue never seen in the Toronto are. I have previous experience running my own business and felt my vision and entrepreneurial zeal was a great match with Stephan’s financial acumen.


2.       How did you come up with the name Bronzeado? Is there significance or meaning to the name?

Bronzeado means tanned in Portuguese and Italian. We wanted a unique and elegant name that represented both the tanning and spa aspects of our business.


3.       Where is Bronzeado located? Describe the process of choosing your location.

Bronzeado is located at 2030 Yonge St just north of Davisville. I have lived in the area for over 12 years and have a strong grasp of the demographic, competition and special needs of my neighbors. I want to be a hands-on owner and wanted a business close to home.


4.       Why a tanning spa?

I do a lot of traveling to Miami, L.A and other points south in the winter. I’m also a regular client of tanning salons and spa’s around the world. Tanning has a positive image south of the border that I wanted to bring to Toronto. I believed Toronto was ready for a new tanning and spa concept that was stylish, modern and luxurious. I wanted to bring the spa attention to detail to the Toronto tanning industry.


5.       What is the square footage of the spa?

Bronzeado is a 2600 square foot tanning oasis.


6.       Take us for a tour of the spa. Describe the individual departments that make up Bronzeado Tanning Spa?

Immediately as you walk into our venue you are struck with the elegant and comfortable surroundings created by Costantino D’elia from COZ Design. Gold leaf ceilings, crystal chandeliers and crown moldings are special elements of our classical and timeless interior design. To the left is our drink bar for Elixir Tonics and Teas and a large manicure and pedicure room. We have paid special attention to the pedicure stations and custom built the sinks and chairs for bacterial and hygienic reasons. Beyond the manicure/pedicure room is a long hallway with private tanning rooms and our Platinum, Magic and Affinity high pressure beds. Along the second hallway we have rooms for aesthetics, airbrush tanning and showering. We have built pocket doors between the rooms to ensure privacy and good ventilation


7.       How many employees are on the Bronzeado team? What are their backgrounds, certifications, special skills?

We have experienced and skilled staff at Bronzeado. We have a spa manager, three qualified aestheticians, air brush technician and three front desk and Elixir bar attendants. All staff have been trained according to our “Open Book” management philosophy and “Certified Skill” process.


8.       What is the “OPEN” Book management process and how does it apply to Bronzeado? What does skilled certification mean?

We will ensure that all members of the Bronzeado team are experts in all areas of our business. Through our OPEN BOOK management style we will meet monthly to set goals, discuss procedures and learn new skill sets. To ensure consistent service quality and technical skill, every team member will complete an in-salon certification program, which will include a monthly oral and written exam. We want you to always have confidence and peace of mind that you are in the hands of a skilled-certified team member. You will always receive the utmost in True Quality salon service and attention-unconditionally guaranteed.


At Bronzeado we will practice the highest form of team service. This means that the skills of our entire team are available to you. Our objective will be to make every client feel that they may see whom ever they choose without fear of a different quality of service. Meeting your service needs and busy schedule is our top priority 


9.       There is so much information out there suggesting tanning is dangerous. What are your views about the danger of tanning and how are you going to counter the negative image.

Excessive tanning is dangerous. We advocate “SMART” and fully informed tanning through an 8 point Holistic Tanning Process as follows.


1.       Education and Training of Clients and Staff

2.       Client Assessment-Detailed records of health, tanning and burn history, skin type and skin conditions

3.       Smart and informed Planning

4.       Proper Skin Care

5.       State-of-the-art tanning technology

6.       Socially responsible and environmentally sustainable products and supplies    

7.       Equipment Maintenance/Cleaning

8.       Financial support for scientific studies on cancer, tanning technologies and other health and wellness issues


10.    Explain to me the Bronzeado concept and philosophy. What makes it unique?

We are Canada’s First Holistic Tan Spa. Holistic tanning is a philosophy that unites tanning education, planning and management with state of the art technology, skin care and socially plus environmentally responsible products and operations. Bronzeado follows an 8 step Holistic tanning process, paying homage to smart and fully informed tanning:


11.    Who are your target clients (demographic, ethnographic)?

Bronzeado is a modern tanning oasis created to accommodate the busy urban professional seeking personal vitality, logetivity and optimal health from the inside out.We are targeting clients in the luxury markets of Yonge/Davisville, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Leaside, Lawrence Park and more. Our clients are critical, educated and have discretionary money to spend.


12.    You are offering a 360 degree service package. What does this package include?

We have put health and wellness under one roof including high pressure tanning, airbrush tanning, manicures, pedicures, facials,waxing, tonics, teas and natural and organic product offerings.


13.    How do the spa service offerings relate to tanning?

Our spa offerings complement the tanning packages we offer. Skin analysis and care is an important component to tanning. At Bronzeado we can offer comprehensive skin care expertise to our tanning clientele



14.     Explain the step by step process of a new client visit to Bronzeado.

Every new Bronzeado client will follow a three step process as follow;

·          Assessment-. As a member of Smart Tan Canada, Bronzeado espouses a conservative and responsible approach to tanning. Bronzeado staff will ask numerous questions about client lifestyles to design personal tanning plans. Each client will be required to fill in a comprehensive client questionnaire on their first visit or from a special online form. A detailed digital record of services rendered will be updated on each visit.


·          Education-Bronzeado will ensure 100 % transparency in all tanning and spa operations including government regulations, tanning options and dangers, first and maximum exposure times to skin type, manufacturer specifications, equipment maintenance, spa techniques and product ingredients



·          Smart Planning    Bronzeado will carefully plan and manage personal tanning programs based on skin type, burn and tanning history, photo sensitivities, equipment specifications and client goals. Dangerous burning of the skin will be avoided at all costs and staff will follow a strict refusal policy for potentially damaging tanning practices. In particular Bronzeado will not permit anyone under 16 to use the tanning beds and those between 16 and 18 must have parental consent, signed on the premises. Bronzeado will also ask for photo ID where age of a young person is in question


15.    Can you elaborate on your client assessment process and why it’s important

Knowing our client is at the heart of our business philosophy. We will ask the right questions about you and your lifestyle so that our skilled experts can set goals and design personal tanning and beauty plans that are smart and tailor-made. Each client will be required to fill in a comprehensive client questionnaire on their first visit or online.


16.    You have purchased state-of-the-art tanning technology for Bronzeado. Tell me about the tanning beds and what makes them unique. Is this technology exclusive to Bronzeado?

Bronzeado is the only spa in Canada with the 2008 collection of tanning beds from Ergoline and SunItalia. Bronzeado has invested 160K in four of the latest top beds to achieve balanced and smart tanning sessions. In particular, three of the beds are of the High Pressure type, which means they emit more UVA and substantially less UVB. UVB has been associated with increased levels of burning rays, whereas UVA rays are more likely to produce a better tan and the risk of burning is significantly reduced.


17.    You have extended your holistic approach to the types of products you offer at Bronzeado. What are these products and why the concern for natural and organic ingredients and environmental sustainability?

We offer products from Jurlique, Spa Essentials and Elixir Tonics. These products complement our holistic tanning philosophy and concern for personal vitality and health from the inside out


18.    You offer spray tanning to complement the tanning packages offered at Bronzeado. What is spray tanning and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

The Air Brush system is a personalized spray applied by trained staff from an Air Brush gun. The Air Brush tanning solution is a natural product that is derived from sugar cane called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). It causes a natural reaction with the top layer of your skin to give a tanned appearance. Depending on which solution is used and your personal preferences, you may choose from a light sun kissed look to a deep golden brown which appears natural and even. Much more even, than any spray booth tan is capable of rendering.


Spray tanning is good for individuals who want to gain the cosmetic benefits of tanning without the risks of UV ray exposure.


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