Thursday, February 14, 2008


Holistic tanning is a philosophy that unites tanning education, planning and management with state of the art technology, skin care and socially plus environmentally responsible products and operations. Bronzeado follows an 8 step Holistic tanning process, paying homage to smart and fully informed tanning:


1.        Education and Training

Bronzeado will ensure 100 % transparency in all tanning and spa operations including government regulations, tanning options and dangers, first and maximum exposure times to skin type, manufacturer specifications, equipment maintenance, spa techniques and product ingredients.


2.        Client Assessment-Detailed records of health, tanning and burn history, skin type and skin conditions

As a member of Smart Tan Canada, Bronzeado espouses a conservative and responsible approach to tanning. Bronzeado staff will ask numerous questions about client lifestyles to design personal tanning plans. Each client will be required to fill in a comprehensive client questionnaire on their first visit or from a special online form. A detailed digital record of services rendered will be updated on each visit.


3.        Smart and informed Planning

Bronzeado will carefully plan and manage personal tanning programs based on skin type, burn and tanning history, photo sensitivities, equipment specifications and client goals. Dangerous burning of the skin will be avoided at all costs and staff will follow a strict refusal policy for potentially damaging tanning practices. In particular Bronzeado will not permit anyone under 16 to use the tanning beds and those between 16 and 18 must have parental consent, signed on the premises. Bronzeado will also ask for photo ID where age of a young person is in question.


4.        Proper Skin Care

Certified estheticians will be available for pre and post tanning skin care applications, procedures and advice to prevent premature aging and skin damage.


5.        State-of-the-art tanning technology

Bronzeado has invested 160K in four of the latest top beds from Ergoline and SunItalia to achieve balanced and smart tanning sessions. In particular, three of the beds are of the High Pressure type, which means they emit more UVA and substantially less UVB. UVB has been associated with increased levels of burning rays, whereas UVA rays are more likely to produce a better tan and the risk of burning is significantly reduced.


Bronzeado can provide guests with a realistic personal estimate of Vitamin D absorption with its Solartech Vitamin D Solar meter.


Bronzeado will always be on the lookout for new and cutting edge technologies in the tanning and spa industries and provide it to their clients.


6.        Socially responsible and environmentally sustainable products and supplies

Bronzeado has searched the globe for the best products and supplies to compliment its holistic approach to tanning and aesthetics. Bronzeado will follow a strict three point purchasing philosophy.


·          Are the products made with natural and organic ingredients?

·          Do they optimize health and wellness?

·          Are they manufactured with the environment in mind?


Bronzeado supports products from Jurlique, Spa Essentials and Elixir Tonics that meet this strict purchasing philosophy.


7.        Equipment Maintenance/Cleaning

Bronzeado will follow a regular maintenance/cleaning program (monthly) for its Ergoline and SunItalia tanning systems. Replacement parts and bulbs will only be purchased from the original manufacturer. Beds will be regularly tested to ensure UV emissions are within the recommended limits set by the manufacturer.


Bronzeado will provide each client with their own set of goggles for personal use only.


Beds will be cleaned after every use to prevent infection and disease


8.        Financial support for scientific studies on cancer, tanning technologies and other health and wellness issues

Bronzeado supports research in tanning, skin care, skin cancer and other health and wellness issues. Bronzeado will donate proceeds from tanning and spa revenues to these worthy issues.

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