Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tanning, Airbrush Tanning and Your Skin

Cosmetic Benefits of Hi-Pressure Tanning Beds & Your Skin


  • Hi-pressure beds have low “burning rays –UVB” and increased “tanning rays-UVA requiring less frequent sessions to build a base tan and maintenance.
  • Less frequent tanning sessions mean reduced elastin & collagen breakdown as well excessive dryness that can occur from older tanning bed technology. 
  • Dry skin causes a quicker exfoliation process, therefore loss of tan. 
  • Getting a base tan provides a built in SPF in the range of 2-4.
  • Base tans can also reduce burn rates. Burning can lead to pigmentation problems, excessively dry skin and sun damage.
  • Tanning has helped some people who suffer from excessively oily and/or acne-prone skin by drying up some of the oil production, as well as, killing the bacteria that causes breakouts.
  • Many people have found considerable relief from psoriasis and eczema from high pressure tanning beds.
  • On lighter skin individuals with dark body hair, tanning can help hair appear less visible.
  • Bronzeado mandates a 24-48 hour waiting period between tanning sessions for most people. Times may vary from person to person, regarding skin type and skin’s reaction to UV exposure, especially when skin has not had any exposure in a considerable amount of time. Bronzeado will determine each individuals ideal waiting period during the SMART tanning consultation process.
  • SMART tanning results in a healthy, sun-kissed look.


 ** With any type of tanning there should be a 24 – 48 hr waiting period before getting a facial and/or waxing treatment.                           


Bronzeado Air Brush Tanning System


The Bronzeado Air Brush system is a personalized spray applied by a trained Bronzeado staff member from an Air Brush gun. The Air Brush tanning solution is a natural product that is derived from sugar cane called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). It causes a natural reaction with the top layer of your skin to give a tanned appearance. Depending on which solution is used and your personal preferences, you may choose from a light sun kissed look to a deep golden brown which appears natural and even. Much more even, than any spray booth tan is capable of rendering. Air brush tanning is good for those who can’t tan naturally (skin type 1) - very fair skin, blue eyes, red or blonde hair) or anyone looking for a tan without the exclusive use of tanning beds. Bronzeado offers two air brush tanning options.



Recommended for skin type 1 and 2 wanting the "sun kissed" look.  This solution is made up with 70% organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, C, E and the self tanner DHA. It also has a product in the solution that allows it to glow under a black light. After application your technician can run the black light over your body to make sure that all areas have been covered and nothing has been missed. This is truly important especially on the very pale, since any error will show greatly in comparison to someone with a darker skin tone naturally.


Sobe Solution


Recommended for clients with skin types 2, 3 or 4 who want a darker, deeper looking tan. This solution is made up with Isoparaffin, DHA and Bronzer.

We also recommend airbrush tanning to clients using tanning beds, who want to reduce the amount of UV exposure while developing a deeper more natural tan. This technique is called “double dipping", since both tans are done on the same day. Many stars such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and more use this method to get their “sun kissed” look


Key activities to optimize your ideal airbrush tan are:


  • Exfoliation- to remove dead and dry skin which, provides optimum results when Air Brushed
  • Proper application of barrier cream-  a thick cream that creates a barrier to areas of the body that absorb more tanning solution, including cuticles, toes, elbows, knees & heels
  • A properly trained air brush technician. Spray booths are not the same as Air Brush Tanning!
  • Weekly air brush sessions are recommended to maintain a tan all month long. Since the solution only adheres to the top layer of skin it will come off with natural process of skin exfoliation.


PRE - Air Brush Treatment


Exfoliation is a crucial element to achieving an even and longer lasting air brush. Exfoliation treatments can be done at Bronzeado or at home with recommended skin care products.

Air Brush & Shaving – If shaving is your preferred method of hair removal, it is recommended that is be done a minimum of 6 hrs prior.

Air Brush & Facials – There should be at least 24 hrs. In-between getting a facial and an airbrush tan. Facial comes first, so that the pores have time to close. 48 hrs is recommended if a Deep Cleanse facial was performed.

Air Brush & Waxing – There should be 24 hrs. In-between airbrush and waxing. Waxing comes first, so the skin has time to settle down and pores to also close.

Mani & Pedi can be done on the same day as an airbrush.  The Mani and/or Pedi will be completed minus polish which will be applied after airbrush.



POST - Air Brush Treatment


  • Waxing and shaving are not recommended for 7-10 days after your airbrush for reasons of removal of tan.
  • For a longer lasting and even airbrush, a proper moisturizer should be used at least twice a day, especially in winter months, to properly hydrate and maintain your tan.
  • Exfoliation rate is faster on our faces so proper hydration for the face is a must. Using a serum and moisturizer is highly recommended for tan maintenance.
  • 7- 10 days after the airbrush, a proper body exfoliation is recommended to help remove any residue. If exfoliation is not possible at Bronzeado the salts used at the spa are available for take home use.
  • 7-10 days after airbrush, a proper facial would be the best choice to help keep pores clean.
  • Deep cleansing facials should be done only once a month. A Quick Fix Facial is recommended between deep cleansing.